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UChicago Stoners Celebrate 4/20 Like It's Any Other Day

By Brian Baek
April 20, 2018

April 20th has represented an opportunity for potheads from all generations, races, creeds, and backgrounds to come together and celebrate God’s greatest gift to mankind. For many stoners on campus, however, 4/20 represents more than just a holiday: it’s the culmination of the 364 days of celebratory preparation that precede it.

The case has been no different for UChicago’s own cannabis habitués, as kush-heads and philosophy majors alike have been persistently packing, puffing, and passing every day for the past year, eager to partake in another forgettable 4/20. While Danksgiving occurs during 4th Week, the slew of impending midterms and papers will surely not be enough to stop dedicated marijuana enthusiasts from focusing on what is truly important in their lives.

“This year, I’m treating the days leading up to 4/20 like the eight days of Hanukkah, lighting one more J for each day that passes,” said one surprisingly articulate student. “Then again, I probably treat every day like the days leading up to 4/20.”

While this may be the case for this individual, the importance of the date has not been lost among most marijuana enthusiasts. “It’s a special day for all stoners,” said another red-eyed and dry-mouthed student. “It’s our version of the Super Bowl. Holy shit, super bowl…” 

A nearby first year student added, “I don’t know how else I would have made it through my Humanities core requirements. If UChicago has taught me anything, it’s that higher learning is definitely a worthwhile pursuit, and should be taken one day at a time.”

For these campus tokers, preparing for this year’s day of blaze is a marathon, not a sprint. They remind us that the Life of the Mind can also have a fun side in the Life of the Grinder, and that’s certainly something worth celebrating.