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Articles written by Thomas Noriega

5 Baffling Contraptions Your Roommate is Using to Hog the Outlets

By Thomas Noriega    Jan. 30, 2018   

1. The Glow-Box During the day, it's just another box plugged into your shared surge protector, but at night, it radiates an eerie blue glow directly into your eyes. You haven't slept in your room in weeks, since wherever you turn your head, its luminescent gaze unerringly follows. You've been sleeping in Harper for so long, so very long. Your comfy blanket and covers await you in your room, but s...

UCPD Unveils New Patrol Zeppelin

By Thomas Noriega    Feb. 20, 2018   

In an effort to expand police coverage across the greater South Side, the University of Chicago Police Department has invested $12 million in a state-of-the-art patrol zeppelin. The airship, capable of staying aloft for over 50 hours on a single tank of helium, is equipped with dozens of high-tech crime-fighting gadgets capable of extending UCPD’s jurisdiction to the heav...

Maroon.Space adds Story Feature

By Thomas Noriega    April 9, 2017