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Articles written by Sam Nitkin

"I Don't Live in a Bubble!" Student Tweets from Mansueto

By Sam Nitkin    Dec. 5, 2018   

At 12:38 p.m. on Wednesday, November 27, first-year student Katherine Blake tweeted to her 891 followers, “I don’t live in a bubble!” from the interior of the Joe and Rika Mansueto Library Reading Room. Katherine, originally from Los Angeles, California, was using Twitter to procrastinate on doing her "Earth as a Planet" problem set. Katherine had chosen Mansueto because the glass dome provided wa...

Op-Ed: Eight Nights is a Little Excessive

By Sam Nitkin    Dec. 8, 2018   

Growing up a young Jewish boy in a predominantly Christian area, I get it. You never had a Christmas tree. Your attempts to get your dad to hang up “Hanukkah lights” on the roof were met with him telling you he wishes you had never been born. Mariah Carey doesn’t sing any songs about your holiday. I understand, you’re a bit jealous. But don’t you think having eight nights of Chanukah is overcompen...

Forget Kuvia: Here are 8 Easy Ways to Get a Free T-Shirt on Campus

By Sam Nitkin    Jan. 21, 2019   

6:00 am. Tuesday, January 15, 2019. A couple hundred students rise before the sun and shuffle into Henry Crown Field House to do suspiciously cult-like “sun salutations.” And all for what? A Capri Sun? House spirit? No, the students are there for one reason and one reason alone. That elusive Kuvia T-Shirt. Only those who brave the cold and the drowsiness for five days straight capture the illust...