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Articles written by John Buterbaugh

Trump Dodges Battle for House, Blames Bone Spur

By John Buterbaugh    Dec. 5, 2018   

With shades of the seventies, Donald Trump managed to dodge responsibility for yet another conflict: this time, the battle for the U.S. House of Representatives. At a press conference held Saturday, the President called the midterm elections which swept Democrats into control of the House “a tremendous, Vietnam-level victory.”  When questioned by the press about the loss of a projected 40 seats, T...

77-Year-Old Sanders Announces Measured Walk for Presidency

By John Buterbaugh    Feb. 23, 2019   

In what could only be described as a “spirited” address to (commie) Vermont Public Radio, Independent Senator Bernie Sanders announced that, after considering it with his wife and grandchildren, taking some blood pressure pills, and yelling at those damn Johnson kids to get off his lawn, he’s decided to launch a “measured walk” for the presidency in 2020. Before his speech, Sanders informed t...