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Articles written by Harry Weinstein

Area Man "Basically" Off the Grid

By Harry Weinstein    Nov. 2, 2018   

Claiming that he lives independently from social media these days, 39 year-old local resident Matt Dewey said it’s been “pretty freeing to just be here, in the now—and not have deal with all this stuff from a fake ‘virtual’ world.” Dewey now never changes any profile pictures and admits to spending only six hours scrolling through Facebook photos and articles a day.  Whenever relatives and friends...

Administration Finally Addresses Dental Health Stigma Through Dental Health Awareness Week

By Harry Weinstein    Dec. 5, 2018   

Last Thursday, Dean John Boyer unveiled a new wellness initiative: Dental Health Awareness Week. Dean Boyer said the campaign was put in place to ensure no student forgets the importance of dental hygiene amid the stress of Finals Week.  Posters are now up all over the Quad with helpful tips and resources, reminding students to brush their teeth four times daily. In extreme situations, students ca...

Jeff Bezos Wife Discovers Amazon Receipt for New "Alive Girl" Online

By Harry Weinstein    Jan. 16, 2019   

This past Sunday, Jeff Bezos’s wife of 25 years, MacKenzie, found something extra when she was checking the couple’s order backlog. “I was just scrolling through our Amazon orders, wondering if the Upright GO Posture Trainer(TM) I’d ordered four weeks ago had come in, and there it was: one alive girl. I’m beyond words, horrified. To think the man you love could use Amazon like this. I’ve learned y...

They Can Cancel Bar Night, But They Can Never Cancel Me Dancing Drunk And Alone On A Wednesday Night

By Harry Weinstein    Jan. 30, 2019   

Alpha Delt may have cancelled this week’s bar night because of a polar vortex, but they will not stop me from spending my Wednesday nights like I always do. They can try to remove the room, the music, and even the people from the equation, but they will never stop me from dancing alone and hating myself in a stranger's basement. Tonight I plan to go on like usual. Dancing and drinking, and then dr...