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Articles written by Emily Feigenbaum

Is He Flirting With You or Just Promoting an IOP Event?

By Emily Feigenbaum    Dec. 5, 2018   

Dating at UChicago can be difficult. Sometimes it’s not so clear whether that special person is demonstrating an interest in you or if he’s drumming up attention for an event at the Institute of Politics in order to ignite a passion for public service amongst college students. Ugh, don’t you just hate mixed signals? If you’re having trouble navigating the uncertainty of campus romance, here are so...

Santa Looking to Split Uber from Midway

By Emily Feigenbaum    Dec. 26, 2018   

After a long night of delivering Christmas presents to the bright-eyed children of the world, Santa Claus is heading back home to Hyde Park later today and is looking to split an Uber with someone from Chicago Midway International Airport to campus. Santa’s flight gets in at around 1:45 p.m., but he’s flexible. Just let him know! Forty minutes before his Southwest flight from the North Pole to Chi...

First Year Drops HUMA, Claims It Does Not ‘Spark Joy’

By Emily Feigenbaum    Jan. 23, 2019   

Inspired by the KonMari organizational methods popularized by the Netflix series “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo,” a first-year in the College announced that she will drop her HUMA class because it “does not spark joy.” The KonMari method is trifold, beginning with the decluttering of clothing and moving on to books, papers, and komono (miscellaneous). The goal is to sort through each item, determine...