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Articles written by Drew Landrowski

How to Closed-Mouth Smile at Your Bar Night Hook-Up

By Drew Landrowski    Oct. 22, 2018   

We’ve all been there: you wake up on a Thursday morning to find yourself next to the Econ Bro who let you take a rip off of his Juul at Alpha Delt the night before. You slide your knee high boots back on and slink out the door to make your 11:30 SOSC discussion. As you make your exit, the front desk lady gives you a nod and you disappear into the mid-morning sun.  While a long shower may erase the...

Word of the Week: Schadenfreude

By Drew Landrowski    Feb. 3, 2019   

Ever heard of banging a ‘uey? Do you like jimmies on your ice cream? Super Bowl LIII is upon us, so now’s the time to learn some useful new terms about our buds from New England. In the spirit of the American melting pot, the word of the week comes from the nation of Germany. An amalgamation of the word for “joy” and “harm,” schadenfreude reflects “ experience of pleasure, joy, or self-satisfactio...

Op-Ed: So We're Admitting Pretty People Now?

By Drew Landrowski    April 18, 2019   

How do I put this delicately? Uchicago hasn’t always been the belle of the ball when it comes to American universities. In fact, our students have been equated to squirrels, awkward virgins, and everything in between. However, as I near the end of my undergraduate career here, I’ve noticed a quite disturbing trend among underclassmen and prospies alike: they’re getting prettier. I understand that...