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Articles written by Diego Matamoros

Canada Geese Migrate South as Spring Approaches

By Diego Matamoros    Feb. 20, 2018   

Spring has arrived in Chicago, and with it the familiar scenes that mark the changing of the seasons: the melting of the last snow, births, and the Canada Goose jackets' migration away from Hyde Park. Every year, students marvel at the flocks of Canada Goose jackets making their annual exodus from the Quad back to their nesting grounds in dorm room closets across campus. “It always takes my breath...

From Russia with Language Barriers: 2018 World Cup Coverage

By Diego Matamoros    June 18, 2018   

We here at the Shady Dealer are proud to present our coverage of the 2018 World Cup, the most notable sporting event in Vladimir Putin's Russia since the introduction of professional political imprisonment in the early 2000s. In what promises to be an exciting and soccer-filled soccer tournament, 31 of the world’s top teams --and Saudi Arabia--have descended upon Russia to see who will become worl...

Ariana Grande Add/Drops Pete Davidson

By Diego Matamoros    Oct. 15, 2018   

After weeks of sleepless nights, emotional highs and lows, and one pet pig, the predictions of her academic advisor finally came to fruition: pop star Ariana Grande has reportedly add/dropped SNL cast member Pete Davidson. In true third week fashion, Ariana has chosen to relieve her schedule of Davidson, despite claims earlier in the quarter that she could handle the extra commitment and had alrea...