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Articles written by Andy Hatem

Don't Miss This Deal! Housing Offers Three Roommates for the Price of One

By Andy Hatem    Sept. 24, 2018   

Trying to decide if you should stay in housing next year? Check College Housing’s site for a deal you won’t want to miss! In the past, a big difference in cost has led many students to move off campus. But Housing is looking to turn things around with a new three-for-one special. Now, students can pay housing rates for a double room and live with three new friends instead of one! “We’re excite...

Humanitarian of the Year Will Show Dining Staff Respect, Courtesy Until Second Week

By Andy Hatem    Sept. 24, 2018   

Some start work before the sun is up. Others don’t leave until well past midnight. The work isn’t easy; staff are always on their feet, and may go hours without a break. Yet so many students take the work of Dining Hall staff for granted. Not Richard Anderson. The first-year student from Naperville, IL, was unfailingly polite to dining staff for the duration of his Pre-Orientation program, never...