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New Residence Hall Located in Dean Boyer's Tender Embrace

By Thomas Noriega
Sept. 24, 2018

Dean Boyer's Tender Embrace


In response to the recent housing crisis at the University, College Housing has announced that, as of the 2018-2019 school year, students may apply to live in the loving arms of Dean John Boyer. The residence, named Boyer Residential Commons (BRC), accommodates two to three students, all of whom will share in a protracted hug with the Dean of the College for the duration of the academic year. 

In a historic first for college housing, the dorm has no fixed location and is capable of providing residents with a variety of views and amenities as the Dean goes about fulfilling his daily campus-wide responsibilities. Furnishings include the Dean’s firm yet giving shoulders to rest your weary head on, two strong arms that hold you close, and a 3-piece charcoal suit to insulate the Dean from the weather. Entertainment in the dorm will be provided by lively, instructive conversations with the Dean and your fellow residents, and the open-concept design of the Dean’s inviting hug means that anyone passing by is as much a member of the community as the residents themselves.

The Dealer briefly spoke with the sole RA in the BRC, Sean Harmon, who has lived in the hall for the last month. “I wasn’t sure how I felt about living in the arms of the Dean of the College, but it really grew on me,” Harmon said. “I hope that whoever joins me in the BRC is willing to embrace house culture as much as I have.”