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My Opinion is Valid Because I Use Hyperlinks

By Morgan Pantuck
Feb. 20, 2018

A Classic Hyperlink

A Classic Hyperlink

There’s something important going on in America, and we need to discuss it. I have strong opinions about this thing, as you can see from my many similar articles on the topic. What’s more, I back up my opinions with facts. I can accomplish this online by including hyperlinks within my written argument that will, presumably, bring the reader to a swath of reputable sources.

However, thanks to the hectic pace of daily modern life, nobody bothers to check anything that I put under the hyperlinks, allowing me to seem authoritative with almost no effort whatsoever. For example, one recent study found that eating plain yogurt increases productivity by 15%. I bothered to reference something, and nobody would be so bold as to link to something fake or irrelevant, right? Here’s another figure: 300,000. It is large, and a hyperlink! Who knows what I’m claiming about the number 300k? All we know is that I am definitely right. Senator Ted Cruz recently endorsed dynamite as “the snack America needs.” Don’t believe me? Here’s the video.

Here’s a cat. Here’s a dog. Here’s a study that says hearing a loud sound can make your ears triple in size. Here’s a CNN poll where kindergartners predict the way you’re more likely to die. Here’s a naked photo of me, and here’s a respectable medical journal. Thank you for your time.

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