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Introducing: Datamatch <3

By Chicago Shady Dealer Romance Division
Feb. 6, 2019



Alright. Real talk. No jokes. Knock-Knock. Who's there? Love, motherfucker.

We did the research, -- well actually, the Maroon did --  but things aren’t looking good at UChicago. Two-thirds of us are single. Unacceptable. And even fewer of us have more than two friends that aren’t in a study group. Barely even -ceptable.  

We here at the Shady Dealer are tired of living as overworked virgins, and would rather write jokes for overworked virgins who tried. In fact, we care so much about your social and dating lives that we sold our soul and our pride and teamed up with Harvard to bring you the UChicago edition of Harvard University’s Datamatch. Wait. Don't leave, let me explain.

Since 1994, thousands of Harvard students have participated in Datamatch, a matchmaking quiz, with romantic and platonic options, run by Harvard’s Computer Society. Since then, Datamatch has reached over 80% participation -- or a UChicago 60% -- within the student body and spread to over a dozen schools. This year the Shady Dealer has worked to bring Datamatch to UChicago!

We’ve written ~20 questions of varying seriousness that will be used to determine your compatibility, romantic or platonic, with other students taking the quiz. On Valentine’s day, matches will be released and then we leave it up to you to decide if you want to add each other on LinkedIn or not.

So lose the tinder, give up on bar night, and instead do what we all do best, and take a quiz!

Datamatch goes live TONIGHT @ 11pm -- check out our social media for links and updates. You'll have until February 13th at 11pm to complete it.