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Canada Geese Migrate South as Spring Approaches

By Diego Matamoros
Feb. 20, 2018

Canada Geese

A Flock of Canada Geese leaving Hyde Park for the Summer

Spring has arrived in Chicago, and with it the familiar scenes that mark the changing of the seasons: the melting of the last snow, births, and the Canada Goose jackets' migration away from Hyde Park. Every year, students marvel at the flocks of Canada Goose jackets making their annual exodus from the Quad back to their nesting grounds in dorm room closets across campus. “It always takes my breath away,” said third year Ryan Turner when asked to describe his reaction to the migration. “There’s nothing more magical than seeing all those jackets in V formation Naruto-running across the quad back to their summer homes.”

Alas, everything isn't sunshine and raincoats when it comes to these majestic creatures. Not all the jackets that arrive on campus in the winter make it to spring, with many a goose being lost to hype beasts and hunters in fraternity parties across campus. Scientists warn that if the current trend continues, only 9 out of every 10 UChicago students might have access to these jackets by the year 2025. If you would like to help, please donate to your nearest Canada Goose Jacket Conservation RSO to make sure that students will be able to appreciate these magical beasts for generations to come .