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Boss Baby Sweeps the Oscars!

By Shady Dealer Newsdesk
Feb. 20, 2018

Boss Baby

Boss Baby (AB '97, MBA '04)

Oscar audiences around the world waited with bated breath as the winner for Best Picture was announced. Many were expecting a serious gaffe such as last year’s La La Land-Moonlight mix up, but no one was prepared for the Boss Baby to sweep every category with its synergistic, results-oriented, and resilient approach to movie magic.

That's right, in a shocking upset, Boss Baby has totally swept this year’s Oscars ceremony. Confusing all, the Boss Baby team won trophies for Best Actor, Best Original Screenplay, Best Score, Best Makeup, as well as every other award. This was surprising to most, considering that the film was only nominated in one category, Best Animated Feature, which it also won.

The Boss Baby, himself a UChicago alumnus, wowed audiences and critics alike with his stunning detail-oriented and collaborative performance. The film was also hailed for its visionary conception of a world where the human reproductive process is dictated by the principles of flexible accumulation and managerial theory. Its bold endorsement of inculcating today’s youth with the glory of the natal-industrial complex struck a phat chord with audiences and the Academy that will resonate for years to come.