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Best Seller! Dean Boyer's Book Just Sold its 100th Copy

By Daniel Lastres - Hyde Park, 2085
May 5, 2018

Roughly 70 years after it was first published, The University of Chicago: A History has sold its 100th copy and is well on its way to being a best seller in the highly competitive "History of Academics" genre. The book, written by the late Dean John "Jay" Boyer, is recognized as the definitive tome on the University's early history, as it is the only one that has ever been written. 

The book's rivetingly vivid depiction of the University of Chicago's early years has in all likelihood won much praise from its readers, earning it an "I didn't do the reading" from the Shady Dealer's Literary Critic in 2016. While it is no longer sold at the campus book store, copies can still be found in the ruins of the old Seminary Coop building. 

While many of his contemporaries and several archived memes indicate that Dean Boyer's notability was hampered by his soft-spoken demeanor and lack of presentational or interpersonal skills, his book seems to finally be breaking through to its intended audience. When reached for comment, his family's estate requested only that more people buy the book.