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Area Student Doing Pretty Well at Facebook

By Nik Varley
Dec. 31, 2015

Sources close to area student Todd Braxton confirmed today that the local teen is “doing pretty well on Facebook.” Braxton's friend Steve Ackerman elaborated.

“Things are really coming together for Todd, Facebook-wise,said Todd’sBraxton's friend Steve Ackerman said. “He’s got about 600 friends, his cover photo is pretty nice, and he never posts so much that it’s annoying.”

Someone who lives with Todd when he's not at school gave the Shady Dealer his point of view.

“I read a few of the articles that he shared; they’re pretty good,said Todd’sBraxton's brother Robert said. “They weren'Not dumb stuff like Buzzfeed - they were actually kinda interesting.”

When asked about his recent success, ToddTodd told the Ddealer about his Facebook successes.

“Yeah, I think I’ve got a good thing going on Facebook," Todd said. ".I’m getting a lot of likes and a fair number of positive comments. This guy even poked me the other day, which I guess is a good sign.”

Whether Todd's political commentary or a new photo, Todd's Facebook presence also got him places.

“I think I knew I was on to something when I shared a post about standing with Mizzou and it got 50 likes," Todd said.. " That’s when I knew that the kind of success on Facebook Ithat I've always dreamed about have now was achievable. A few days later I changed my profile picture and it got over 120 likes; that’s when I knew I was on to something big. “

When asked the secret to his success, Todd told the Dealer, “You really have to be in the right mindset. I find that when I’m in the Facebook zone, I can fire off a few good posts without even having to think about it. It’s really about plugging your brain into the Facebook matrix” ToddTodd now consistently receives numerous likes and comments on each of his posts, and revealed. When asked about the secret to his success.

, he told the dealer “I guess you really have to put your time in," Todd said. ".I’m on Facebook all the time now. I basically live on there. And of course, you gotta put likes over everything” he added. “I gotta have those likes, baby”

ToddTodd also said that maintaining success requires constant vigilance.

"Any one of these days my dad could share a meme to my timeline or my friend could post a thousand statuses if I leave my account open," Todd said. ".Or, god forbid, someone could like all my old photos and statuses from when I was in middle school. That could ruin everything I've worked for. If I'm not careful, the Facebook persona that I've cultivated could come crashing down".

At press time, ToddBraxton was painstakingly selecting which photos we wanted to appear under his Featured Photos section while considering which bands he should like to make his profile look cool.