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Why a Woman Needs to Have Her Own Study Spot

By Psuedo Nim and Neudo Psim
Aug. 17, 2017

It’s an easy relationship trap to fall into. You’re busy, he’s busy. You only see each other at the Reg. Plus, it’s pretty cute when you work in the same 5th floor double cubicle together. But women who rely too heavily on their boyfriends’ study spots are signing themselves up for serious trouble.

Yes, we have all been tempted to take the easy way out and follow our man to whatever part of the Reg he likes to work in. What would you rather do:, trudge through the booths for 40 minutes looking for a good table, or ask your beau if you can pretend to read Durkheim next to him on the A Level?

But when your study location depends on a man, this gives him too much power and control in your relationship. The next time you catch him looking at Hot Tina’s Instagram, what are you going to do? When you fight, you're less likely to call him on his bullshit because you can't retreat to your own study bunker.. Plus, what happens if you break up? You might get to keep your shared friends and his oversized sweatshirts, but you’ll be left without a secure place to do your Ccalc pp-sset. Where else are you going to go, Crerar? Gross. Law Library? As if. Harper? Your eEx still studies there.

Too many women end up staying with mea man who disrespects them because they rely on theirhis Reg spots. You’re going to do whatever he asks because your grades basically depend on his table next to the window near an outlet. This is the 21st century;; women ought to control their bodies, lean in to their careers, and find their own study spots. You'll feel much more empowered if you find your own comfortable spot even if it’s on the 2nd floor! than if you have to ask your boyfriend for permission to use “his” table in the Ancient Near East Languages section.

Like As Virginia Woolf once wrote in A Room of One’s Own,: “A woman must have money and a study spot of her own if she is to submit this Cchalk response by 6 PMpm."”

Let us all be #independentwomen together. Take a picture of your study spot and tweet @chishadydealer with #neednomansueto.