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5 Art-Based Therapies You Will Love

By Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts
Jan. 30, 2018

Tired of all the hard work? Looking for a way to unwind this winter quarter? Then be sure to drop by the new Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts Pop-Up Spa. At the Reva and David Logan Center for The Arts Pop-Up Spa we're serious about bringing a creative edge to the world of rest and relaxation. Here are five of the top art-based therapies we're offering this quarter:

1. Body Sculpting Massage - Artistry and reflexology collide spectacularly! The Department of Visual Arts has assembled a cadre of their most toned and gifted sculptors to chisel your knotted muscles into oblivion. Using their advanced knowledge of anatomy and the human figure, these hunks will knead your weary body back to life in a dark, serene, and private studio.

2. Music Therapy - The Music Department has scraped together a talented ensemble of our university's most theoretical musicians for your listening pleasure. These extremely knowledgable and moderately practiced musicians can serenade you with dulcet melodies and gentle arias. Don't like classical music? No sweat! These musicians can help you work off pent-up rage to some metal, sweat it out to some fast jazz, or underscore your perfect crying session.

3. The Paint Tubs - Feel your stress and sorrows melt away when you take a dip in one of our luxurious tubs of warmed paint. You'll lose yourself floating in a technicolor dream boat that's been prepared with paints the exact density of human flesh.

4. Paper Mache Face Mask - Why get all stressed out about doing your own face-mask at home, when our scenic designers and puppet makers have prepared the cosmetological experience you've been waiting for! Our unique blend of natural clay, rejuvenating water, and strips of newspaper will seal those nasty pores shut and make your skin feel like new.

5. Immersive Role Playing Therapy - Presented by University Theater and the Theater and Performance Studies Department, this devised live action one act play will place you at the center of a highly theoretical and technically well-executed fever dream. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll be dying to get back to work by the time this show gets under way.