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3 Step DIY Cathey Face Mask

By David North
Feb. 11, 2018

Why spend money on expensive face masks that leave your skin feeling dry and damaged or waste time in your busy college schedule going to a salon, when you have all the ingredients for an easy DIY facemask right here in Cathey Dining Hall? The Shady Dealer did the hard work for you and scoured the dining hall for months refining this mask. It's a perfect mix of soothing, moisturizing, and refreshing.

Base Layer of Smucker's Strawberry Jam

This was an obvious first step. What better way to erase your blackheads than with a nice seedy jam to empty those clogged pores? Applying this first layer has a cooling effect, tightening your pores so the seeds can do their magic. Fully rub this one in, and you'll be feeling peachy keen in no time!

Exfoliating Cheerios Crystals

The next step is some sweet, sweet exfoli-action! For that, we need the heart-healthy cereal, Cheerios! Not only is this cereal a rich source of iron and other daily vitamins, but the abrasive texture works just as well as exfoliating crystals! Make sure to sprinkle these bad boys evenly across the base layer for maximum smoothness. 

Mrs. Butterworth Scented Moisturizing Cream

The worst part of using store-bought face masks is the sanitized, alcoholic smell it leaves on your skin - which could last up to three days! That's why it's important to include a scent you like to cover up the bleached smell of clean skin. For this, we chose Mrs. Butterworth's maple syrup. Not only does this syrup smell amazing, but the natural sugars will moisturize your skin. No more itching and scratching after a face mask!

Once you've let the mask sit for ten to fifteen minutes--or about the time it takes to get to the front of the stir fry line--rinse the mask off. With these tips, you'll be looking fresh to death and ready to roll in no time. We hope to see you all wearing this mask boldly at your house table!