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An Alphabetical Guide to Parties

By Chase Harrison
May 15, 2017

Darties. Garties. RacistConstructionThemedarties. Who can keep track of all the types of parties these days? I can. Yes, I, Chase Harrison, Chief Correspondent of the Shady Dealer Society Section, am here to give you the four-one-one4/11 on parties. Here’s my exclusive, total insider, hot-of-the-press, fetch guide to parties:

AArty: Sober pParty

BARTy: Bay aArea rRapid tTransport pParty

Brynmawrty: No bBoys Aallowed

Carty: Party in a 2004 Toyota Corolla

Charty: Graphical pParty

Darty: Day pParty

eParty: Electronic pParty

Farty: Party where cChili is sServed

Garty: Garden pParty

GOParty: Gay oOrgy pParty

Hearty: Party where stews are served

Mason Jarty: Party you’ve probably never heard of

Kurty: Party that’s been dead since 1994

Kurdy: Newly iIndependent pParty

Lardy: Greasy pParty

Marty: Martyr pParty


Oarty: Party on a cCanoe

PParty: Planned Parenthood pParty

Qarty: Qatari pParty

Rawrty: Party in dDinosaur :P

Starty: Pre-pre-pre-pre game

Sharty: Farty Ggone wWrong

Subparty: Bad pParty

Tarty: Party everyone shows up late to

Tartarety: Raw pParty

UParty: Party on the CTA

Warty: Dermatology pParty

Yurty: Party in a Yurt

AArty: Sober PartyBARTy: Bay Area Rapid Transport PartyBrynmawrty: No Boys AllowedCarty: Party in a 2004 Toyota CorollaCharty: Graphical PartyDarty: Day PartyeParty: Electronic PartyFarty: Party where Chili is ServedGarty: Garden PartyGOParty: Gay Orgy PartyHearty: Party where stews are servedMason Jarty: Party you’ve probably never heard ofKurty: Party that’s been dead since 1994Kurdy: Newly Independent PartyLardy: Greasy PartyMarty: Martyr PartyNarty: NOT A PARTYOarty: Party on a CanoePParty: Planned Parenthood PartyQarty: Qatari PartyRawrty: Party in Dinosaur :PStarty: Pre-pre-pre-pre gameSharty: Farty Gone WrongSubparty: Bad PartyTarty: Party everyone shows up late toTartarety: Raw PartyUParty: Party on the CTAWarty: Dermatology PartyYurty: Party in a Yurt