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Gwyneth over steam

Hot New Trend! Steaming Your Vag

American actress and professional white woman Gwyneth Paltrow created quite the splash in 2015 when she promoted vaginal steaming, a controversial Los Angeles spa treatment. Personally endorsed by Gwyneth on her lifestyle blog, GOOP, steaming purportedly relaxes your vagine and removes toxins from tampon use, hormonal irregularities, and fucking some guy from Bar Night. Shortly after the new year,...


Seven Healthy Butter Substitutes

By Megan Parsons    Jan. 29, 2018   

Hey there, everyone, Megan here, aka Meg, aka Super Mommy. Trying to eat healthier in 2018? Have no fear! Eating well can be daunting, but these seven healthy butter substitutes can help you stick to your fitness goals!! 1. Unsweetened applesauce When I first read about using applesauce instead of oil for blueberry muffins, I felt like my world was crashing down around me. I simply cannot believe...

5 Homeopathic Remedies to Try Before Calling Your Parents Who are Doctors

By Nik Varley    Jan. 19, 2018   

Are you struggling with dry skin? Nursing an earache? Hounded by stomach bloat? You'll find all sorts of "western industrial medicines" for these ailments at your local drugstore, but if you want to try some natural home remedies without breaking the bank, check out these popular homeopathic treatments! They'll be sure to work a bit, but you should also probably call your parents who are both resp...

New Health Trend: Hiring a Sensei to Kick Your Ass

By Nik Varley    Jan. 19, 2018   

There's a new health craze going around, and it's not what you think! Fed up with demanding diets, cleanses and workout routines, many of today's heath conscious professionals are simply hiring an elite Kung-Fu sensei to kick the ever-loving shit out of them every week. Wow! What could be more nourishing and invigorating than having a martial arts master absolutely whoop your ass?  It's the perfec...

Freegan Group's Newsest Member also Healthiest Member

By Greer Baxter    Jan. 19, 2018   

Members of the local freegan meet-up group Impact: Zero! are starting to question the commitment of newest member Mike Fitzpatrick, who joined three months ago. Says group coordinator Wendy Blodgett, "We really loved Mike's energy when he first arrived - his stomach was always growling the loudest, and he was like the Da Vinci of removing mold from a bagel. But he always has an elaborate excuse to...