The Chicago Shady Dealer

The Chicago Shady Dealer

The Only Intentional Humor Publication of the University of Chicago

Your Guide to the College Campus, Ghost by Ghost

Burton and Judson Harry Judson and Ernest Burton, among the University’s first presidents, curmudgeonly float room to room bemoaning what the University has become since they ran the show. Many freshmen have been startled awake by their cries of, “There are too many women’s bathrooms!” and, “The Midway was better as a river!” South Ghost Four years ago, the University was visited by a brand new ghost that identified itself by a mere cardinal direction, “South.” The ghost later revealed itself to be the spectral remnants of alumna Renee Granville-Grossman. A friendly and benevolent ghost, Renee has been known to leave (continued)

New Admissions Flowchart Announced

In addition to Regular Decision and Early Action, the University of Chicago recently decided to add Early Decision 1 and 2 to it's list of application options. We know that navigating college admissions can be tricky, so the Dealer created a helpful flowchart to help you decide which application track is (continued)